For all classes, there is no need to sign up in advance. Just come to the first class and we will get you set up! 

During the fall, winter and spring, Friends of the Heart runs a schedule of meditation courses, retreats and yoga classes. Instruction covers a variety of teachings suitable for beginners to advanced meditators.

Please try to arrive 10-15 minutes before scheduled start time. This allows you to relax, meet the teacher and other meditators and settle in. In the evening after 6:00pm, when the street level door is locked by the building manager, please ring the bell for Friends of the Heart. If you are late, please ring the bell – we would rather you join us for class than have you turn away.

The suggested drop-in donation for classes and to support the centre is $15-20.

Mindfulness Basics: "Contacting Relaxation"

with David Liang

Mondays 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm    Jan 5 - Jan 26, 2015

The price is $60 for non-members.

In "Contacting Relaxation", we will work through a variety of techniques that will decrease your stress response and help you contact a sense of relaxation in your body and mind. We will work our way through an 'active' body scan, a 'passive' body scan, breath and walking meditation. Proper posture and how to set up a home practice will also be discussed.

Mindfulness Basics: "Developing Positive Emotions"

with David Liang

Mondays | 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm | Feb 2 – Mar 16, 2015

NO CLASS FEB 16 (Family Day)

The price is $100 for non-members.

As we continue to progress in our practice of mindfulness, we start to become aware that it is our strong emotional response to ourselves and others that create the imbalance and stress in our lives.  We realize that if we were able to change our reactions,  we would experience much more comfort and ease. In "Developing Positive Emotions", we will practice and discuss how to counter any anger, hatred, sadness and restlessness found in our hearts through the development of kindness, compassion, joy and peacefulness.


Mindfulness Basics: "Becoming Grounded"

Mondays | 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm | Oct 6 – Nov 17

NO CLASS OCT 13 (Thanksgiving)

The price is $100 for non-members.

In "Becoming Grounded", we will start to develop a sense of ground and stability by deepening our practice with our breath and slowly increasing our sitting time from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. Chanting and sound meditation will also be introduced as this can help some people settle and ground more easily than with breath practice. 

Mindfulness Basics: "Four Foundations of Mindfulness"

with David Liang

Mondays | 7:00pm to 9:00 pm | Mar 23 – May 4, 2015

NO CLASS APR 6 (Easter)

The price is $100 for non-members.

In "Four Foundations of Mindfulness", we make the move from Shamatha practice to the Buddha's Vipassana teaching on Mindfulness.  He stated that it is important for us to be mindful of four parts of ourselves: our bodies, our feelings, our emotions and our thought patterns.  We must practice staying open to, mindful of,  and focussed on each aspect, not only as they arise but also as they abide and cease.   Through this we can develop a deep sense of freedom.

Suggested Texts for Personal Study:

 Transformation & Healing by Thich Nhat Hanh                              A Wise Heart by Jack Kornfield

Deepening Mindfulness: "Not too tight, Not too loose"

With David Liang

Wednesday | 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm  

10 weeks: Mar 25 – May 27 2015 ($125)

NOTE:  On May 13th, the class will run from 7-8 pm and will be followed by our Annual General Meeting. 

The price shown is for non-members.

In the Sona Sutra, the Buddha instructed his disciple Sona that meditation should neither be 'too tight nor too loose'.  What does this mean?

No matter what our object of meditation, whether it is our breath or a visualization of Chenrezig,  we must always make sure our effort is tuned correctly.  If it is 'too tight' or tense our mind will be restless and will wander off the object frequently.  If it is too loose, our mind may remain comfortably on the object for long periods of time but we may have lost some sharpness and clarity in our awareness.  To advance and deepen in our practice, we must make sure we do not slip in either direction. 

In this series we will learn how to detect and counter these states with a technique Jetsun-ma called "Sword and Stream".  

Breath, walking and loving kindness meditation will be our objects of meditation.

Mindful Yoga: Opening the Body for Meditation

With Marlene Puffer

Thursday | 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm  

Jan 8 to June 25, 2015 (By Donation)

NO CLASS JAN 29, FEB 19, FEB 26, MAR 5, MAR 19

Included in membership - by donation for non-members. Suggested $15-20.

Opening the body allows for deeper meditation with ease.  Strengthening the core provides support for sitting. We emphasize carrying mindfulness into each posture/asana and into everyday life.  The small class allows for personal attention and is suitable for all levels of yoga practitioner, including total beginners.  Wear comfortable clothing, bring a water bottle, and mat if you have one (we have some mats).  

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