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Deepening Mindfulness

Deepening Mindfulness

With David Liang

In our Wednesday class, we start to move more deeply into the practice of mindfulness and meditation. This class is suitable for those who have taken our Mindfulness Basics courses and who have an established home practice.  

Depending on the module, we will explore and discuss the meditation styles of different traditions as well as how to use different objects as meditation objects.

Until the end of 2013, we will be focusing on Developing our Positive Emotions: Loving-Kindness, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity.

For 2013-2014, we will be focusing on the practices and meditations associated with the Mahayana stream of Buddhism. Starting in January 2014, we will focus on The Six Perfections and the "Doing" Aspect of our Mindfulness Practice: "It's not just about sitting on our bottoms."



Later Event: October 24
Mindful Yoga