Support Friends of the Heart

Friends of the Heart is member-supported non-profit organization registered with the Canada Revenue Agency and run by volunteers. Our membership and class-generated fees are applied to our operating costs and compensation for our teachers. However, we also accept donations that can be directed in one or more ways: 

  • Operating costs
  • Bursary fund
  • Charities we support 

We accept donations in person, by cheque or PayPal. A tax-receipt will be issued for donations $20 or more.

Day of Meditation for World Peace

Every November, Friends of the Heart holds a fundraiser called The Day of Meditation for World Peace. We invite our sangha for a day of meditation in which we can deepen our practice and share merit while we raise funds, equally allocated, for the 416 Community Support for Women Centre, the Tegchen Legshay Ling Nunnery in Bodhanath, Nepal, and the Friends of the Heart Bursary Fund. 

The 416 Community Support for Women is a daytime drop in program for women looking to gain or give support while coping with, isolation, addiction and/or mental health issues and other difficulties. 

The Tegchen Legshay Ling Nunnery in Bodhanath, Nepal, was established by and is supervised by Karma Thinley Rinpoche.

Bursary Fund

Friends of the Heart maintains a bursary fund to support those of limited income to access meditation teaching, workshops and retreats. We have an “Open Hand” philosophy. There is no expectation to repay monies or services to Friends of the Heart after receiving bursary funds. We ask for the following criteria:

1.     The requestor is involved in dharma practice to some extent. The retreat complements an existing practice.

2.     The requestor can clearly articulate how this retreat will further his/her practice.

3.     There is an endorsement of the requestor from the teacher.

4.     The requestor is expected to contribute to the expenses of the retreat including dana for the teacher. When requesting bursary support, the requestor should indicate how much s/he will contribute to the expenses of the retreat.

5.     Bursary funds cannot be used to pay for membership to Friends of the Heart or dana for a teacher.

Become a Member

By becoming a member you will be helping our centre keep its doors open.  You will help us pay our rent and any underlying costs associated with the running of Friends of the Heart.  You will also have the following privileges:

  • access to all weekly classes
  • use of our library
  • attend all Board and Committee meetings
  • able to vote at our Annual General Meeting
  • able to serve on our Board or Committees

We are a non-profit charitable organization registered with the Canada Revenue Agency and run by volunteers.  

Types of Membership

To participate in our classes and to help support our centre, there are 4 membership options:

Drop-In Donation

By donation (dana) into our donation bowl – suggested amount $15-20.

10-week Memberships

Allows participation in all our regular classes for a 10–week period. Many classes are structured in 10-week blocks, so this is a good way to sample a full course.

Adults: $125/10 weeks

Students/Seniors: $75/10 weeks

Full Memberships

Adults: $520 Paid in Full or $560 paid in 4 installments (i.e. $140 x 4 = $560)

Students/Seniors: $300 Paid in Full or $320 paid in 4 installments (i.e. $80 x 4 installments = $320)

Associate Memberships

Allows "out-of-towners" to support our centre from a distance and receive the benefits of membership – $75/yr + $15-20/class attended.

Payment Options

Membership Types

If you wish to become a member, you can pay your membership via Paypal, Cash, Cheque, or Bank Transfer. For Bank Transfer:

Account #: 83935000136 | Transit: 05402

Membership Details

Membership Period

The annual period for our "Full" and "Associate" Memberships begins from the date you you sign up and expires in one year.

"On-Hold" Policy

If someone is unable to attend classes for a month or more because of an extended absence or illness, they may ask to have their membership and classes put "on hold" for that period.

Children under 18 

Children (under 18) of "Full" Members share their parent's privileges at no extra cost. However when they turn 18 they must purchase their own independent membership.