Notification about Jetsun-ma

Dear FOH Friends, Sangha and Community

We are sorry to tell you that Catherine Jetsun Yeshe has had her cancer return.  She is already undergoing radiation for the cancer in some of her bones while diagnostic tests continue to determine the best treatment for the cancer on her liver and some nodes. New tests were performed Tuesday which should refine the next steps in the process.  It is only fair to say that any treatments will be to prolong her life as it cannot be cured at its present stage of development.

She is resting well with appropriate pain medications and participating actively in the discussions surrounding her illness.  At this time she is seeing few visitors, retaining her energy for the various medical interventions. Jon, Karina and Jesse have been on hand throughout the process with Elijah due to join them shortly.

Some more information will be forthcoming when the treatment plan becomes more clear.

If you wish to send a message to Jetsun-ma, please mail it to the FOH address below and I will make sure she receives it.

Friends of the Heart

2510 Yonge Street Suite 324

Toronto, Ontario M4R 1G8

"May the Lama live long, May her good health increase, May her Dharma activity flourish!"


David Liang (on behalf of the FOH Board)