Update on Jetsun-ma (Feb 21st)

Catherine is resting quietly for the most part though her breathing struggles occasionally with fluid build up. She is unlikely to rally from this, as she so often has in this five month journey with cancer.  Earlier this week the chemo process was delayed in hopes her blood counts could recover on their own.  However the complex issues she has been dealing with so strongly since September cannot be resolved.

Her family has gathered and is watching over her throughout the day and night. There are brief moments of response as we read to her aspects of the Buddhist way of going on from here.

As most of you know she has been following and then imparting those teachings for decades and is the author of two books in the field. Several more that she wrote over the years are being prepared by friends and will appear over the next months.

She knows her friends follow many beliefs and often said how much she appreciated your prayers, thoughts and warm wishes expressed so often over this time.