Update on Jetsun-ma (Nov 2nd)

Catherine had her second chemo on Thursday Oct 30 followed by both platelets and a transfusion as her marrow has not kicked in yet.  Dr. Glenns thinks it will be a couple of chemo cycles before that happens.  Again the target this week was getting her to out-patient status. As the upcoming week was to be the no-chemo week for Catherine she started on a seven day immune booster.  Though her energy is low she is still giving thumbs up for the way things are proceeding.


When we got to Friday moving her to Stirling was again on the horizon.  Energy was pretty good but blood counts were not so the date was shifted one day and on Saturday she was again assisted by transfusions so that we left at 18:30.  The drive was was perfect for traffic. Catherine sat entranced beside me acknowledging the signs that meant she was nearing home.


Catherine and Jon's wonderful neighbours Yvonne and Marg had prepared the fridge and Karina supplemented it with a trip to her farmers' market so Catherine was welcomed as were we with a cooked dinner.  C was lifted and rolled to the table from the car on the wheelchair Yvonne had obtained and C sat smiling for an hour before we got her into the domestic hospital bed that Karina got installed last week.


On Sunday she showed the wear and tear of the previous day, not having much energy but still Elijah gently guided food and drink into her so the day got progressively better.  The bed sores are still a great concern and we hope to get more guidance from the visiting nurse group who have wound specialists plus we're going to see if we can get it looked into tomorrow at the 13:00 appointment with the Belleville oncologist, Dr. Jana Kankesan.  They have a specialist, Laura Rogers, and at the end of her appointment it is possible we will see her.


We have a nurse visit for an hour a day and a personal support worker as well.  That's working out very well but they need a lot of interaction by Karina and Elijah as they are different people the last two days.