Update on Jetsun-ma (Oct 29th)

Catherine has had a good week with more tests to help her new oncologist be certain of the next steps.  The side effects of the radiation have ameliorated and drugs are lessened so she has an ever clearer mind.  There's a nagging problem in her left arm keeping it swollen and her blood counts showed a continuing decline.  That said, Dr. Glenns (who replaced Dr. Yu who is now on maternity leave) felt that the counts dictated moving forward so she had a full strength Taxol treatment on Thursday. On Friday she was still sailing along so they are in pursuit of a treatment for the arm edema.

She has had both platelets and transfusions in the last two days as the target remains getting her to outpatient status so the Herceptin and Pertuzumab  can be added to the chemo.

Elijah has done a lot of overnights to maintain a contact for her with the treatment team and Karina,who has just come off a gruelling production,had recovered from her cold enough on Friday to take the lead in getting the house at Flying Club cleaned and equipped for her arrival which we remain hopeful will be next week.