Update Jetsun-ma (Nov 17th)

This weekend finds Catherine making considerable progress against the four debilitating factors that have been her companions for several weeks.  The wound care specialist and the nurses are making real progress on the bed sores which are now shrinking back from the margins. Her appetite is improving as well as her bowels.

Blood counts are generally stable but low and they have been successful in combatting the bacteria in the blood.  A late Thursday ultrasound finally determined where the clot at the top of her left arm is so the blood thiner is continuing.

She got an echocardiogram Thursday to match the one from North York General and showed strong heart function. This in preparation for Herceptin and Pertuzumab targeted for early next week. Though there are side effect risks attendant on those, after a family discussion on Saturday Catherine remains determined to enter that regime.  Taxol will not be involved in the first treatment due to the effect on the immune system.

Elijah has introduced in bed arm and leg exercises which she undertakes with enthusiasm three times a day.  Occupational Therapy came by three days this last week and she gamely sat up, edged to the side of the bed, stood and rotated to her wheelchair and then reversed that.  Pleasing progress compared with a week ago. She's still knocked out by some of the drugs she's taking so there are some quiet periods.

Outpatient status still eludes us as she doesn't have the strength to be ambulatory and the care she needs for the bed sores is still substantial. The doctor also says that it is best she stay under observation so they can monitor her for side effects from the Herceptin and Pertuzumab.