Update on Jetsun-ma (Nov 22nd)

So this morning Catherine phoned from her hospital bed.  A new first for her.  Sounding quite awake and hearty.

On Thursday she got the Herceptin and Pertuzumab in sequence and then we watched for side effects.  So far, it has just been the fatigue aided and abetted by the renewal of Ondansetron and the steroid.

Some external medical issues remain but are getting better but it is not a rapid process.  The swabs for her blood/ecoli bacteria are coming back negative so they will culture her blood once more to see if it is really gone. They will redo an ultrasound to see what is happening with a blood clot next to her PICC on Monday and her blood levels drop slowly after the transfusions so there's more of that in the near future.

The next Hercep and P are three weeks away.  Taxol will not be resumed until there's more evidence of the marrow contributing to blood levels...so it is a waiting game for that one.  They have a patient who is doing well on only H and P.

We are edging to getting her home but no exact timing on that yet.