Update on Jetsun-ma (Nov 29th)

Catherine moved yesterday to a ward where the emphasis is on care and rehabilitation.  The view of the doctors is that she has improved enough to not need daily medical intervention.  Of note is the ongoing healing of the bed sores and her blood counts coming back up on their own after the treatment 10 days ago with Herceptin and Pertuzumab.  They are cautiously optimistic that the Dec 11 chemo may include Taxol even at half strength.  Catherine is so pleased to be moving against the disease.

The blood and urine infections are apparently cleared though swabs are being done less frequently.  She is still considered a contact risk for other patients so she's happily on her own though all nurses and guests must gown and glove before being with her and divest upon leaving.

The other thing we are hoping is that there will be more physio visits here.  She got back into constipation mid week so more activity is warranted.  Elijah and Jon are doing in bed exercises on the feet, legs, arms and core several times a day.