Update on Jetsun-ma (Dec 8th)

Catherine is getting out of bed regularly now,mostly for bathroom breaks on her walker and commode but also for rides on her RoHo cushioned wheelchair.

Haemoglobin has been boosted with a transfusion as the count stabilized lower than desired.  The chemo date is still this Thursday with the high possibility that Taxol will be given with the Herceptin and Pertuzumab.  The taxol will be be diluted and given more frequently if her counts hold up.  Her clotting factors have continued climbing at every test so the anti clotting agent continues to be given daily. The oncologists are telling her to keep doing what she's doing. They'll be watching her for the weekend for any untoward events.  Barring those, they hope to discharge her to home around Dec 15. Of course, the bed sores are still an issue but progress is being made there too.

The on-floor hairdresser dropped by on Friday and she had her now sparse hair  washed and the neck trimmed.  She really enjoyed the personal care. Today she got a new Christmas themed cotton cap for day wear and retains her Roots tuque for the night.

She seeing a few more visitors (all from Friends of the Heart so far) but the duration of :45 to an hour is about all she can handle without a nap.  On Sunday her sister Beth flew in for three days of visiting. We're hoping to expand the circle though that's more likely to be at the house on Flying Club once we're settled in there.