Update on Jetsun-ma (Dec 16th)

Jetsun-ma continued to get stronger last week.  Physio and nursing staff and we are impressed.

We were able to hold to the plan to get her home so she arrived at about 12:30 with E picking her up and J scurrying around getting her bed assembled and made as it arrived at 11. CCAC not as well coordinated as we could have wished so we have rented stuff again...including the bed and table.

She greeted the house again with some emotion and since then it has been a whirlwind  of pills and support activities. Nurse arrived only an hour after she got here and gathered her history as the agency has changed.

Platelets dropped last week so chemo was restricted to Herceptin and Pertuzumab on Thursday.  Not much side effects.  This week she'll get diluted Taxol and then there's a hole in the weekly schedule due to Christmas.  We don't know the work around yet.

Elijah is waiting to greet the lovely Jesse who flies in today and festivities can begin with the acquisition of a tree.